Easy Perl Dependency Management

Need to be absolutely certain that dependencies for your projects are safely locked down and won't break in production?
Read on to be among the first who get beta access.

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Free for personal projects

For personal projects you can have up to five projects per account, each project can have five stacks of dependencies. Personal accounts are not limited in any other way.

Free for Open Source projects

Open source projects can have an unlimited number of projects and stacks. We care about open source software and we want to give something back to the community.

Multiple organizations

We'll let you create multiple organizations so projects are grouped logically, and administration of projects become easy for teams. Your account can be a member of multiple organizations.


Need assistance? We'll be available through email and chat, ready to help you if you run into any issues or have questions about how to best use this service.

Private distributions

You will not be limited to distributions from CPAN. Build and add distributions from your own organizations, from vendors or other sources.

Open API and web interface

All interactions with projects and stacks of distributions will be available both through an API and the web interface.


Why are we doing this?

We are a group of developers and ops who for a long time have needed somewhere to store, manage and keep track of dependencies for our projects in order to make deploying apps easier and safer. And thinking about it, we realized that others must have the same needs.

The project is currently in an exploratory phase right now where we are gauging interest for this project before we start development, and if there is significant interest for it we will start development and beta invites will start flowing out.

What is our vision for the project?

Perl dependency management can be an arduous task, the goal is to simplify the process and make it as easy as setting up a new git repo.

Quick setup

Creating your first project and stack should be easy. Either upload your cpanfile, or select individual or multiple dependencies to be added at any time.

Easy Management

Upgrade, downgrade or remove dependencies from your stacks at any time.

Want to bring an old application's dependencies up to speed? There will be an option to upgrade the stack to the newest available modules.

Need to develop a new feature which adds additional dependencies? Clone your current stack, add new modules to the stack and go from there.

Archive stacks

Archiving old stacks so you can go back and look at previous revisions of the projects

Historic data for dependencies

Want to see when a dependency changed? Just go to the log and have a look.

Features we'd like to eventually see if the project is successful
  • Geographically redundant mirrors on different continents, fetching your dependencies should be fast.
  • Locking a stack to a specific revision.
  • Download all your dependencies as an archive to speed up installs.
  • Command line tools to make working with stacks easy.

Any features you would like to see? We're always open for new ideas. Let us know.

Sounds good!

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